You can’t just brew your way to success!

Welcome to BriteMarketing.Beer – where we believe great beer deserves equally great marketing.  While we focus principally on craft beer, many readers have noted the insights we discuss apply to marketing almost anything.  We invite everyone along for the ride!


What is great marketing?  Marketing is essentially telling your story in a way others connect with your story, and eventually make you a part of their own story.  For craft beer, great marketing connects the artisans behind great beer with drinkers who embrace their artistry at a deeply emotional level.  Great craft beer marketing is about stories that bring us together to drink great beer.

Lost in today’s deluge of media and technology is old-school attention to story.  Great stories have the power to connect people to something as modern as an electric car, as ancient as a cold brew, and even to each other.


After over two decades in the beer business, working with brewers from very large and very small, we’ve learned a lot about crafting great beer marketing.  Some brewers are just naturals!  They  have instinctively created communities of loyalists who now nearly do market their beer for them.

But we’ve observed many craft brewers have yet to achieve the level of artistry and strategy in their marketing to match their brewing excellence.  They’re brewers at heart, not marketers!  But being brewers foremost, too many are trying to brew their way to success.  With the explosive competition in craft beer, brewing alone is not a winning strategy.  There have been a number of great brewers go belly up recently despite brewing great beer.  Thriving brewers are realizing the power of combining great marketing with great beer.

That’s the reason for BriteMarketing.Beer.  We are here for smaller brewers, who may not have any marketing sophistication, to start crafting their legends.  For larger brewers with a growing marketing presence, but perhaps lacking the bandwidth to devote to strategy and planning, BriteMarketing.Beer is a resource to bring both artistry and strategy to their marketing.

We leverage our considerable experience to focus on simple principles that make sense in the craft beer world, using real life examples to bring these principles to life.  From time-to-time, we’ll hear directly from smart folks at craft breweries creating excellent marketing.  We’ll explore ways to engage craft beer seekers and enthusiasts alike, and help you connect with them through telling your story effectively.


Not so long ago, when there were fewer than 1,000 brewers in the US, the sky seemed the limit. Just getting decent beers to tap and shelf, with a little bit of promotion, was enough.

Those days have past.  And they won’t be coming back!  Breweries who thrive in the new order of beer will need to be as savvy with their marketing as they are with their brewing.  Our goal is to help craft brewers achieve long-term sustainability through more strategic and effective marketing.


And if you’re interested in elevating your marketing game to match your brewing, contact us to learn how we can help you craft your legend more successfully.  We have the tools and experience to help you develop a winning strategy in craft beer.


John Mann


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